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Monday, 30 March 2015

Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint - A Transformation

It's been so long since I've blogged. Life just got in the way. Nothing major, just didn't seem to have enough hours in the day to get a blog post in. Until now.

I bought this piece in a thrift shop with a view to doing something fabulous with it....I had seen different projects using Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint and knew that I had to try it for myself.

We're redecorating the living room to incorporate a dark teal as an accent piece. I didn't want anything too strong so we have a few pillows, a lamp and a throw to bring in the colour.

I really don't like mahogany. Especially the cheap looking faux-mahogany. BUT I did like the hinged door and the shape was perfect for the living room.

I don't know how I narrowed my choice down - just look at all of the colours Rust-Oleum have available.

Finally, I settled on Graphite for the outside and Belgrave to bring in the teal I wanted (for the inside).

First off I went to prep for painting. Pulled out the palm sander and got ready for dust everywhere. (and a little refreshment)

Here's the thing......I didn't need to. Yup, you heard me. NO PREP NEEDED. I wiped it down and then got to work. 

2 coats!!! Thats it.

It went on so smooth and its thick enough to hide any sins you want covered up.

Belgrave is a beautiful colour....

It dried so quickly and with no drips or bumps.

Next it was all about sealing it with the wax. Now, I have to be honest, I've seen a lot of chalky finish paints and I was never too thrilled with the finish. I appreciate that they have a chalk finish but I need a little shine...I don't like too much of the matte look.

This Rust-Oleum paint had a hint of that a little too matte finish until the wax went on....Holy transformation! I rubbed the wax on and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and it was like a whole other piece of furniture. The finish was gorgeous and the texture to the colour was just what I wanted.

I think its a great change! 

Monday, 12 May 2014


I have become slightly addicted to foxes recently....and its not like I can escape it either.. Foxes are everywhere at the moment. It seems to be a real fashion trend.
I can't say I'm surprised, look at 'em??! stinkin' cute

Le Fox Necklace by Laura Johnson
Laura explains the concept behind the necklace - "red foxes are cunning strategists. They keep calm under pressure and can figure out how to use their surroundings to their benefit by thinking outside the box. Wear this necklace to promote quick wit, control, transformation, and practicality".

I totally get you, Mr. Le Fox!

 Mini Citizen Co has this adorable, hand printed onesie of a sleeping fox. Go check them out on Etsy.

 Anthropologie has brought the fox in to the house with this gorgeous, quirky print fox pillow.

I decided to give one of my old favourites a foxy makeover.

I found a cute picture of a fox that I liked and re-drew the image on a piece of paper. Then, I took a piece of carbon duplicate paper and placed it between the bag and the image. I traced the image (pretty hard) on to the bag so that the carbon paper would print it on. This gave me the perfect outline to stitch with.

I chose pinks as my colour pallet. I wanted it to be a little bit girly.

Im pretty happy with the outcome and now the bag doesn't live in the cupboard anymore!

What can you re-fashion from your closet?

Sunday, 4 May 2014


I say it every year. I'm not doing another party. I'm not going overboard this year. It's not happening. It's too stressful. Then, there's the "please momma" and I give in.....every time.

Last year it was Sonic the Hedgehog. This year it's Minecraft.

I don't know about you but I find the Minecraft merchandise to be really expensive for all it is. I mean, some of the stuff is just cubicraft, right? But it looks the part. And someone loves it.....so what can you do....

Off I went searching for something different. Something that would blow his little mind when he saw it. Then, as if by magic, I found Bubskiworks Designs on Etsy and she had the most amazing looking Minecraft inspired cube 3d invites.

I know some of you out there are thinking to yourself, why didn't she just figure out how to do them herself?? After all crafting is just "lovingly borrowing from others" right??? Well, you know what? There are some things that you're good at in life and there are some things that you would rather leave to someone who knows better. In this case, Monica from Bubskiworks is my hero!!

I sent her a message and within a day she had responded with the printable file and everything. That's what makes Etsy such a fantastic website. I was able to find something amazing, have it customized and still remain true to my vision of a handmade Mindcraft theme.

The evening was spent cutting out the printout on the white side of a pack of shiny cardstock we had lying around after Christmas. Folding them with a metal ruler helped to keep the straight lines where they should be.

How gorgerous are these?

This was his reaction face the next morning.

ALRIGHT THEN....Step one done. Invites ready and sent out to friends. Next on the to do list: Party Bags.

I liked the look of these guys on Pinterest as the Steve head was included.

I've changed jobs recently and now I work for a Eco-Friendly catering disposable company called Green Man. Making a kraft brown bag a GREAT starting point for the party bags. And completely accessible.

We lovingly borrowed the image for the Steve head from this site

Here's were I come in to my element. You can see from past posts on character inspired projects, I got this covered....

Our artistic weapon of choice for handmade party favours were perler / hama beads

Finally, the cake.

****Confession time*******

After the battle between myself and my equally perfectionist husband. We had agreed last year to tone down or get a professional to make the cake. As this is what he wanted:

Just a little flashback to last years Sonic Birthday Post Steve did a terrific job with Sonic on the cake and the makeshift cutter made from a Coke can *beaming with pride for my hubby on last years efforts*. However, the reality was that we were up 'til the crack of dawn getting everything ready as it took us completely inexperienced cake decorators an EPIC AGE to finish. This was the first time we had both ever worked with Regal Icing. Despite the odds being stacked against us, I think the finished product was great. And so did the birthday boy.....and that's all that matters.

FYI - if you are looking for a professionally made version of this cake (for 10 kids) you're looking in the region of £60-£80 (and to be honest, I don't know if that would include all of the details that you might want)

Back to the drawing board.

After a little peer pressure from my sis and mum.....we then decided to try and tackle this behemoth ourselves.

I cannot take any credit for this cake at all. Hubby baked, decorated, designed and measured the entire thing himself. All I did was make tea and coffee and keep Theo out of the kitchen until it was finished.

Quick recap with funds :

£6.00 for custom designed invites IS THAT NOT AMAZING?!?!?!?!
£1.00 for cardstock
£5.00 for 15 brown party bags
Hama / Perler bead - left over from other projects
£15.00 for small packs of Regal Icing in 6 colours and the square cutter.

Total: £27.00 for cake decor and party bags.

I cannot recommend Monica enough for her invitations. She is super quick, friendly and so easy to work with. Go and see her Etsy Shop