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Saturday, 28 September 2013


I'm not going to talk alot about this one. I think it speaks for itself.

I found this on Pinterest in another format and I adapted it to this using chalkboard fonts.

It was something so simple but to 2 very important ladies in my life, I hope it gave some comfort.

dogs loss chalboard frame

Thursday, 26 September 2013


It is very hard as a parent to feed your child at times. I don’t mean from a financial standpoint but more from a dietary standpoint. 

Just chatting to some of the other mothers in the school yard you hear the stories of picky eaters, packed lunch restrictions and of course severe allergy warnings. 

So with all of the hurdles in the lunch routine, what do you do? I know for most of us we end up making the trusty ‘ol sandwich...

Now, I don’t know about you but I am constantly bombarded by the diet industry telling me that anything “white” isn’t good for you. White rice, white pasta, white bread....Basically anything using refined white flour.
It’s easy to take that information that is being drilled in to you constantly and apply that to your children. 

BUT, is it right??? 

My son will not eat brown / wholemeal bread. I can’t get him to get past it. There is something too different for him to get over. So as a parent, what do you do? Give him the white bread that you’re told is full of sugar and refined flour?? Not an easy decision is it? 

When Mumsnet HQ asked me to take part in this discussion about the Warburton’s study, I jumped at the chance as this is a battle I have on a daily if not weekly basis in my house. 

There was a huge amount of data provided. Graphs and charts on the recommended daily values of nutrients and vitamins in children were provided to illustrate the daily needs versus the actual levels in children who consumed different types of bread. 

My analysis of the information provided lead me to the conclusions that while you should be mindful of what goes in to your sandwiches (fillings etc) both white and brown / wholemeal bread provide children with a high % of the recommended daily values. Here are some highlights from the report that I would like to share: 

The results from this analysis indicate that the most important reason for children to consume bread is that it increases their likelihood of meeting the recommended nutrient intakes for both 6 and 7 year olds for energy and carbohydrate, and selenium in particular. When children who ate bread on 2 or more occasions (estimated to be equivalent to 1.5 slices of bread twice per day), they were also more likely to meet requirements for calcium and starch, and for 6 year olds also more likely to meet requirements for fibre and iron. The downsides of consuming bread were that recommendations for total fat and salt were more likely to be adversely exceeded. 

So in my opinion, I think we should obviously try to feed our children the best that we can. Foods which are free from over-processing and high sugar contents. However, ultimately we shouldn’t stress about the process as all breads provide benefits to your children in some shape or form.

I guess the old adage is true “everything is good, in moderation”.  

I would like to thank MNHQ for the opportunity to be part of this discussion. The opinions expressed above are my own. 

Friday, 13 September 2013


So, as I wrote in my post about Master Bedroom Finishing Touches Part 1, I had been wanting to do something with the window in our room for a while. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it but I wanted something different. Do you ever get like that? It happens to me often. I just knew I didn’t like what I had.

To be honest, the curtains I have up are from the living room (its all about the frugality lol).At the time I needed something up to cover the windows and remembered that I had the red ones tucked away in a closet somewhere.
The red curtains are nice and they go but I felt like there was something missing. Something to tie the room together. Something a little fun and quirky…..
In steps DIY DECORATOR. I spoke to a lovely lady who was able to offer me a solution….in the way of a semi-custom cornice.
These things are genius! Basically, it’s a perfectly crafted, customizable wood window valance / cornice that can be adjusted to fit the space you have. They come in 7, 12 and 16 inch heights so perfect for any window really.
I received the 12” kit for my bedroom window. This is what came to my door.

First off let me say that the presentation even on the outside of the box is fab….I was impressed already!!
The DIY DECORATOR’s unique feature is that they guarantee that you can do this all by yourself. Well, I was going to put that to the test.
I got the kit out, measured my window (lucky for me it was the exact width I wanted) but if it wasn’t the instructions were SO CLEAR on what to do that I nearly got out the saw just to give it a go! *perhaps a little over excited*.

Anyhow, I followed the really easy instructions and all I seemed to need was my trusty best DIY friend of Mr. Staple gun! I added the foudation material that they provided and then stapled the batting/wadding down and then stretched my gorgeous floral fabric *hubby was less than impressed with my floral fabric choice* and I was ready to get it installed.

It's already notched out for easier cutting if needed!

After a few screws and some brackets were on, I had a gorgeous window!!
Not only did the kit come in lightning fast speed. I t came with fully instructions, images and of course the references (like how-to videos) on their site. And in the end my room is finally complete!!

Cannot recommend DIY DECORATOR enough .

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Well okay, I lied. It's not 101 but there are alot of ideas packed in to this post!!

I'm going to start here and introduce you to Hobby Craft. The US has Michael's and many others.....The UK has HobbyCraft! Being from that side of the world, I missed having craft stores in abundance so when I found HobbyCraft, it was perfect. I could get everything I need, delivered right to my door!

There is alot of versatility in a plain white bag.....I think its a staple to have in the house as it fits a ton of situations. I don't know about you but I always seem to have a plethora of the wrong type of gift bag for my present. I really don't think an 8 year old boy would appreciate a princess gift bag...Plain white bag??? It's an allrounder.

HobbyCraft has a pack of 5 bags for £2.99. Buy 'em!! Keep them in your drawer, I guarantee you'll use them quicker than any other bag you have on hand...

Here are some really fun and cute ideas for your stash;

Tina Govic pinned this cute little Dad inspired gift bag

Aunt Peaches shows us how leftover paint and some stickers (and some fun kids) can make a gift bag masterpiece!

Me and My Insanity takes a bit of tulle and a name tag and makes a simple white bag a fabulous addition to a gorgeous pony party

Older and Wisor has an amazingly easy and cheap idea for oliday favour from favour boxes (Which I think can easily be changed to gift bags) what do you think?? 

V and Co has the cutest idea for an ombre paint spot bag. This tutorial is for a canvas bag (which I've pinned btw) but it would totally lend itself to paper gift bags...

These are just a few (Despite my "bait and switch move" of 101 ideas). Basically, what I'm trying to get across is that there is nothing these little bad boys can't do! You can personalize them into whatever you need, whenever you need. So, as I said, go and get yourself some for your stash! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This post is about the little things that make someone happy. That makes someone smile.

A friend of a friend lost a beautiful dog not too long ago. As some of you know how incredibly devastating this can be, my friend wanted to do something nice for her.

We spoke back in April about the situation and she had told me a little bit about the recipient. She was a lovely sounding person who could really use something special in her life. My gorgeous friend gave me the specs of the job - This is the quote she likes, these are the colours of the room, this is the style etc etc. She even had the partner steal a bit of the wallpaper to give me so I had a better idea of what I was working with.

So, my friend and I discussed the job. I had seen all over Pinterest the most gorgeous pallet wood signs. I had in my head that this was the way forward. PLUS, I had an abundance of pallets at work! Win win....


Just as I go to ask for the pallets from the warehouse manager, I find out we got rid of the broken ones the day before....the day before....Come on! What could I do now??  I sold the idea to my friend. She was in! This is what she was going to give her friend as a gift. I couldn't let her down now. Damn....

Quick rethink.

They tell me we have tongue and groove planks from a photoshoot. This might work....

Not too bad???? After some paint, dare I say it might even look better than my pallet idea??? 

I chose a whitewash effect (silk emulsion watered down until its a little runny) and did 2 coats to make sure I got in all of the grooves.

**I braced the back with thin wood shims (which also acts as the mount)***

Next was the best part: I got to use my Cricut again. This time, to make the stencils for the lettering. 

I tried to minimise the wastage and cut as many words as possible per piece of heavy card. I like the way this worked out ;-) 

This was the wallpaper for the room the sign would eventually be part of.....

I think this colour nailed it. 

So I got my stencils ready and used a small bit of sponge to dab it on. I didnt take any photos of this process 'cause to be honest, I had one hand holding the stencil steady and the other dabbing paint and praying that it wouldn't smudge. But I did snap this one afterwards....

The stencils were amazing. I was really impressed with how well it all worked out. 

But I'll let you guys be the judge;

I took the palm sander to the sign and gave it a few passes to give that slightly distressed look.

this is where the magic happens pallet wood sign

The absolute best part of the story is that through this journey, I got to know the recipient myself and I have my own friendship budding there. She is such a lovely and caring lady who deserves projects like this and so much more. 

My gorgeous friend D decided to give her the sign in my company so that I could see her reaction (she knows how much of a sucker I am for seeing people happy). It made my day that not only did D love the gift she gave but that her our friend loved her sign too.