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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I feel like I’m getting old. Not the sort of getting old feeling that comes with aches and pains but the getting feeling that comes with thinking that you’re too old now to wear certain things. 

Do you guys feel like that? Maybe I’m the only one….

I don’t think I am particularly that old (cough cough 33 cough cough) but there are certain things I just feel that I'm way too old now to pull off!

I’ve seen so many of these crop tops all over the place. Is there a time limit on these? Like, for instance, any one over the age of 21 should maybe steer clear?? 

Or these guys? Do you think that these are suited only for the young market? 

I’m sort of lamenting my lost youth now….Ahh, the days where you could wear anything and everything and not give a toss what anyone had to say..

Now, Im too busy staring at the mirror wondering if I look like a mess trying to parade around like a teen again. Uggh

All of this started on my hunt for a pair of non-running-shoe shoes….You know the type, not Nike’s  but something casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans and not look like you’re going to the gym.

Is there an age restriction on shoes?? Can I get away with the converse style? Is there protocol in your 30’s? Should I bypass this altogether and go straight for the orthopaedics??? ;-) 

When did shopping get so hard? 

I remember thinking it would be so fun to be a grown up and be able to buy the clothes you want. Yeah right! I wish I could warn my 8 year old self of the dangers of looking like mutton dressed as lamb….

Panic over, for now I’ll just stay with flip flops


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