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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Our bedroom redo has been a work in progress for the last 6 months. It was started back in March - see link here - and has been ongoing it seems, ever since.

To be honest, there are only a few little touches left to complete the room (one of which is going to be part of a full blog feature - deets later *wink wink*) and one is the rug situation.

This is what the room used to look like:

It wasn't bad looking by any stretch but definitely not us and causing me some serious allergy issues with the carpet and the poorly ventilated bed. As much as divan beds offer storage, in my bedroom it just became a breeding ground for dust and mold.

Here are the "nearly completed" pics .

So we now have the frames filled and but I'm still toying with the idea of painting all of the frames to keep the continuity....haven't decided yet. Why oh why are there not 30 hours in a day?? I could get so much more work done!! 

Lets just pause for a second and take a look at this....
Still one of my fav pieces

This is where I come to the crossroads - I can keep the clean look of the light laminate floor (And freeze my feet in the winter) or I can get a rug of some description that will basically sit under the bed and provide a little "out of bed cusion" for our feet.

Decision decisions.

I went looking here for some inspiration. There is no shortage of absolutely beautiful rugs that would fit our room. It's the fact that a rug can change the flow of the room and also make it darker and more closed in than I may want it. Let's face it, my room is not big at all so any sort of space-taking wouldn't be the best way forward.

I really don't know where to go with this. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Monday, 19 August 2013


Why oh why do we hold on to cluter? Old dvds we will never watch, cds that have dust on them, clothes we haven't worn in years....Why?? Is it nostalgia or laziness?

I, for one, cannot for the life of me figure out why I keep all of this nonsense in my house and in my life. Today, at this very moment, I am begining my determination of de-cluttering.

I fought and fought with Steve to change the computer room in to a spare room / craft room. I finally won and at the moment the bed is covered with a heap of old clothes that I can't donate (for whatever greedy reason that may consume me). Amongst the pile is a pair of jeans that I bought 2 years ago that has never been worn. I kept thinking that I would lose the weight and finally fit in to them the way I had always wanted to.....Ha! Two years later, they're collecting dust in my spare room and Im the same size. Plus, the irony is that I wouldn't wear them even if they DID fit as the shape does nothing for me........uggh

I've blogged about this before and at the time it was a little problem....now its a major problem!! I have so very little space to begin with that holding on to my Dad's old jazz cds and jeans that I haven't worn in 2 years + just doesn't make sense!

Off again making money. I seem to always forget the site exists.....silly me. How can you forget about making money???? Last time I managed to make myself a tidy little bit of "pocket money" and got all of the crap out to boot!! What's not to love??

Go check them out. They can accept clothing now *amazing*.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I feel like I’m getting old. Not the sort of getting old feeling that comes with aches and pains but the getting feeling that comes with thinking that you’re too old now to wear certain things. 

Do you guys feel like that? Maybe I’m the only one….

I don’t think I am particularly that old (cough cough 33 cough cough) but there are certain things I just feel that I'm way too old now to pull off!

I’ve seen so many of these crop tops all over the place. Is there a time limit on these? Like, for instance, any one over the age of 21 should maybe steer clear?? 

Or these guys? Do you think that these are suited only for the young market? 

I’m sort of lamenting my lost youth now….Ahh, the days where you could wear anything and everything and not give a toss what anyone had to say..

Now, Im too busy staring at the mirror wondering if I look like a mess trying to parade around like a teen again. Uggh

All of this started on my hunt for a pair of non-running-shoe shoes….You know the type, not Nike’s  but something casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans and not look like you’re going to the gym.

Is there an age restriction on shoes?? Can I get away with the converse style? Is there protocol in your 30’s? Should I bypass this altogether and go straight for the orthopaedics??? ;-) 

When did shopping get so hard? 

I remember thinking it would be so fun to be a grown up and be able to buy the clothes you want. Yeah right! I wish I could warn my 8 year old self of the dangers of looking like mutton dressed as lamb….

Panic over, for now I’ll just stay with flip flops

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Seasons are changing peeps!! Its getting a little bit nippier at night......I hate to say it but I think that summer is coming to an end. Just when you were getting used to wearing maxi dresses and flip flops *sigh*

BUT, every cloud has a silver lining right? Just think of all of the amazing accessories that comes with A/W?!?!? Working for an accessories company, I see some gorge stuff ;-)

fall winter aw13 fw13 fashion accessories

fall winter aw13 fw13 fashion accessories

I was out shopping yesterday and I decided that I was going to treat myself so something special. I thought maybe I would get myself a new bag. I have a decent amount of handbags (or so my hubby says) but I really think that I need to add to my collection.

You ever been out, with the intention to buy something for yourself but manage to buy ABSOLUTELY nothing for yourself, but tonnes for your family??!??!?! At the moment, you feel super happy about getting stuff for your fam but then at the end of the shopping day, you realized you've actually cheated yourself out of that purchase for you?? That's what happened to me yesterday.

I bought loads for Theo (getting an early stockpile going for Christmas) but could not manage to find anything for myself.

I'm kinda thinking that I was spoiled for choice. You know, too much to choose from and so you choose nothing??? This happens to you, right??? I can'y be the only one??? Hello????

Just take a look at this handbag section how amazing are the bags here?! I think I need some help to widdle down the choices. Here's where you guys come in. I need your help. Here is my style in an uber-brief nutshell:

  • I don't often dress up (so no need for something fancy) 
  • I'm not afraid of colour
  • I love casual - but not sporty or sloppy
  • I lose things in bags that are too big
  • Im very particular about my phone and need it to be safe (preferably in a side pocket)
So, where do I start? What would you recommend?? Leave me a comment with your fav bag or your recommendation for moi

Thanks xx