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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


When we bought the house 6 years ago, I fell in love with the kitchen. Not specifically the decor, but the size. I miss the large open-plan style of my old house in Canada. I know everything is much smaller and relative here in the UK, but I still miss SPACE. So, when I saw the kitchen in this house, I knew it was for me. I have enough space for a 6 seater dinning table and if the space was used better, I could have more cabinets installed.....*kitchen daydreaming*

toaster john lewis
Mum-in-law helping with Christmas dinner

Truth is, its kinda bland. Boring even. The sun doesn't come through until much later in the day and to be honest, coupled with the greys and neutral colouring, it feels cold. The fridge, microwave and dishwasher are all grey and the stove is black. Can't really afford to change any of these guys, so thats out of the question.

I've been toying with the idea of changing the tiles and the cabinets. Thats alot of cash though...which we don't have. SO, how do I breathe some life into my boring and dull kitchen???

toaster john lewis

This is what I started with. Ikea has these cute prints and I thought the rainbow palette was cute and non-offensive. I think that it does brighten up the solid grey wall but still, it doesn't really help the overall look....

Next on my hit-list are the small appliances. Toaster; Im looking at you!!

Check out all of these amazing toasters. I think I need something as bold as some of these beauts. There are some models that come in 6 or 7 different colours. Some of them have a real retro feel and others are more modern. Decisions, decisions....

My question is; How bold can you go with your small appliances without looking garish? And, if you were in my position, which one would you choose???

HELP PEEPS!!  I need colour....


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