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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Oh I am so excited!!!

Sometimes in life, you get dealt a bad hand. I'm sure we all have had our share of those, right??? But sometimes, for no reason at all other than the universe is in tune with you, something great happens. Yes, peeps, something awesome.

I've gone on and on about Freecycle before. Some of you didn't know what it was all about, some of you thought it wasn't worth it. Mock, if you will, the idea of virtually "trawling" through peoples unwanted items...mock me alllllll you want, because I hit the mother load!

Look at this??!?!?!?!?

vintage furniture

And she was FREE too!! All thanks to a lovely lady named Flora. *hugs* 

Now, here it comes guys; WHAT WOULD YOU DO?? 

(feel free to link posts in the comments if you have any ideas) 

Monday, 27 May 2013


I don't know if I'm a rotten mother or whether I'm just done but I think (nope actually, Im sure) that this last birthday party for Theo will be the last. Well, you know, the last on a large scale.
Kids are hardcore....and hard work. And *slight rant* when did it become acceptable to just drop off your kids and their younger siblings AND not RSVP??? Okay, rant over.
Needless to say, we've seen the end of the birthday parties. For #8, we'll go to the movies or organize a few friends to go do something special.....Not 15-25 kids in a rented hall.
We put a lot of effort in to things for Theo. The invites were a great start and then the party bags (which I can send the templates for, if anyone wants). As well as the cupcakes and cake. The one thing we didn't end up doing is the matching tableware. We thought about it and, to be honest, its so wasteful. Im not knocking it, if thats what you really want to do BUT, there is so much wastage at a party to begin with, I just couldn't see the sense in adding to it.

Now, Im sure you're asking - how did she manage to serve food at the party??? Well, Im one lucky girl!! I have a great friend that works for an amazing company, that I am really proud to tell you about!
Green Man Packaging is one amazing company. Everything is not only environmentally friendly, its 100% compostable! Check it out:

  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Made from natural renewable fibres
  • Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods
  • Economic and more durable than paper tableware
These are the items that she so generously provided me for Theo's party.

biodegradable partyware

biodegradable plates

I have to say, I've never seen anything so cool as the palm leaf platter! Theo thought they were amazing too! And, most importantly, I didn't feel bad throwing the half eaten food and plates away!

Go check out the website . See whats available as alternatives for your kids parties, events, etc. Do you make cupcakes? Go check out their fully compostable cupcake cases. the range of products is incredible.

I want to say thank you again to my dear friend Marta and the wonderful Adam at Greenman Packaging. You helped me create a great, eco-friendly party, that we're all proud of!

Friday, 10 May 2013


Welcome back to the triumphant return of What Would You Do Wednesday! (I know its Friday....I had serious Blogger issues the last 2 days)

I meant to keep up with this feature but life keeps getting in the way *sigh*

For those of you that are new to this, here's the deal:

I post pics of stuff (maybe a piece or some materials) that I would like to make in to something and you guys tell me what YOU would do, if you had the opportunity.

Then I'll hopefully pick from your wonderful wellspring of ideas and suggestions and post the final completed project when completed.

Sound good? Hope so! I totally need your help with this one!

vintage bar cart


upcycle vintage

Help! What would you do????

Thanks peeps xx