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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Well, its over. My stress levels are back to normal. The party was yesterday and we're pretty sure it was a success! (although we're so tired today I can't really be sure....:-)

It all started with Theo's new obsession: Sonic the Hedgehog. You know, I don't really use the word "obsession" lightly. When Theo likes something, he goes for it. Since Christmas, Theo's probably gotten enough Sonic merchandise to open a store. So, its no surprise that he wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog themed birthday party.

I'll start from the begining: Invitations. We did these the same way we did the Super Mario Invites. Email me for the templates and I will be happy to send them over, with instructions.

sonic the hedgehog party invitations

To make this, you have 3 pieces. The base (in blue), the mouth and inner ears *which I forgot to do!!* (in peach) and the eyes (in white). We've made the templates on to a standard piece of printed paper so all you have to do is get the blue and peach coloured paper and off you go!

sonic the hedgehog homemade party invitations

 Once they're all glued together, they really do look like Sonic and it leaves the back free for all of the party information. 

They can also double as the party bag toppers too if you wanted to cut out more ;-) 

In the Next post: Sonic cake & Cupcakes! 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


 Its been too long. Life's gotten in the way of keeping up with the blog posts. That sucks. I've felt so drained recently. So tired and fed up of things in general. Then it hit me....aside from the bedroom project (post and pics to come - promise) I've not done anything creative in what seems like forever. That sucks too. I think that this lack of creativity is a direct contributor to my crappy mood of late. Okay, so what does one do in these sorts of situations???? For me, I make something for Tooter.

As you can see from the past posts, I have a slightly Mario obsessed son. (I can think of a lot worse that he could be obsessed with, you know) So, from time to time, I like to feed his obsession with some Mario related craft projects. This one: Mario Mushroom pillow.

how to make super mario mushroom pillow

We started with a £1 sale pillow from Ikea. Great neutral blue colour. Then, Theo and I raided my felt stash... We used the template from the Mario Mushroom Invites post. Then I just used a simple stitch with embroidery thread. I think it gives it a bit more of a homemade feel like this. 

felt stitch super mario mushroom pillow

super mario fire flower pillow
From the original Fire Flower post

super mario ice flower pillow
oposite side of the Fire Flower pillow
tutorial for super mario character pillows
Perfect Bed Buddies :-)

It took a little over 2 hours from start to finish and now he's got something cool and original on his bed that hopefully he'll have for a long time.

(and maybe, just maybe, he'll realise how cool his mom is when he's older) *fingers crossed*

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