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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Can you believe that we're half-way through February already? Seems like yesterday we were putting up the Christmas tree. Time is flying this year!

As I wrote in my post about upcycling a kid's chair, 2013 will be the year of ANTI-PROCRASTINATION. In other words, GETTING STUFF DONE....I don't think that I'm doing so badly so far. Back in January, I was approached by the Sunday Mirror (a National UK newspaper) about doing a feature on bloggers. The editor loved the fact that I was a full-time working mum and also a DIY blogger. We had a great phone interview and she had told me that the piece would be going in at the end of January. Well, the end of January came and went and when the article wasn't put in, I was gutted. I had a brief moment of "I wasn't good enough for the article, so the must have dropped it". Well, I quickly shaked off that negativity and started working on my next project to keep myself going. I then got an email from the editor and was told that it was bumped that week BUT it would be going in February 10th. Well peeps, here it is!!

sunday mirror, blog feature
It was also added online  here.

I'm really happy with the way it's turned out and I've been contacted by a few readers who want advice on the comic book chair and other projects too! I love that I'm connecting with you guys. It makes me super happy :-) Thank you to all those who read my posts and have read the article. Go and check out the other  blogs featured, they are lovely ladies. 

Out of that brief bit of negativity, I managed to kick myself up the backside to get cracking on some more of my epic list of projects. I decided to tackle the bedroom. As its currently in the process of being stripped and painted, I chose to take the project out of the bedroom for pics. My bedroom is a bombsite at the moment.

Our furniture is this dark wood-effect and modern looking handles. The vibe I'm now going for is a little more relaxed and LIGHTER!! Can you imagine how dark the room is with all the furniture this colour?? Yup, its pretty dark....

Of course the logical answer would be to buy new furniture...Ummm, we're kinda broke..Christmas was expensive...So, I had to look for alernatives.

I've seen so many posts on spray painting and the pro's and con's of doing it. Basically, what I got out of it was that it all depends on the spray paint you're using and how you prep.

This Rust-Oleum stuff in Antique White was perfect. It dried super quickly, had a great finish and can be used on just about anything...

First, I took the drawer faces off and removed the handles. Then, laid them on a drop cloth and sprayed. It took 2 coats in total. Handles were sprayed separately.

Wait for it all to dry and then put it back together again. **the only downside is that flat pack furniture isn't really meant to be taken apart often. It sometimes goes back together a little more loose. You may need to tighten things up a little**

spray painted furniture, furniture redo, upcycle
spray painted furniture, furniture redo, upcycle

Even with the minor issues, I think this looks great. I'm really happy with the look and the finish of the table.

All done for a total of £9.72 for the can of spray paint. (With plenty left over for the other table)

Not too bad, right?