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Thursday, 30 August 2012


First off let me start by saying that there is nothing like "Blog Love". Waking up in the morning to a slew of emails and all of the wonderful comments about my posts is one hell of a highlight in my hectic, sometimes epic-ally stressful day. That being said....Thank you for all of the love. I had a particularily crappy day yesterday, filled with crappy little annoyances and crappy little backhanded comments....altogether, crappy. Then, there comes a flashing red light....a beacon of hope in my crappy little day. My Blackberry's flashing red light and the notification of an email......*cue the most wonderful email* I got the email that every newcomer to the blogger world wants to receive....I had won an award. Michele at Follow me Home had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Friday, 24 August 2012

UPCYCLE!!! - Knitted poncho to Scarflette

Its that time of year people!! That beautiful, magical time of year when you bring out all of the accessories in your closet! Ponchos, wraps, scarves, hats, boots.......oh yeah.........its awesome.....

I guess for me, its even better 'cause I work for a ladies fashion accessories company and get "first dibs" on whatevers hot right now.

Walking around the warehouse the other day I found a poncho.......I didn't take a picture of it (As I clearly should have for blogging purposes) but I managed to find it on a customers website:

 Its a cable knit poncho in a stone colour. Its really nice and quite popular (expect to see alot of people with this one - like next month). Personally, I'm not really a fan of the turtle / roll neck so I gave this one a miss. I absolutely loved the knit and the colour though. The perks of working here........I got to take the sample. Granted, it had a big hole cut out the side for a swatch but nonetheless, it was a perk!!

So......here's my inspiration for this "work perk"

I love the look of this scarf. I sometimes would avoid the knitted scarf as it can make me feel a little claustrophobic. Some knitted styles are really cute and chunky but not the easiest to wear, you know? Anyhow, I liked how this little scarflette still kept the chunky cable knit feel but it wasn't long and hard to wear.

Now, I don't knit.....I can't manage. Its just one of those things in life that you accept as an inevitability. Seasons will change, You will get older, Helen can't knit. So, "how did she get around this??" you ask? CHEAT!

I cut a length of knitting out of the poncho. This is measured by the length that you are comfortable with around your neck. As you can see from the pic, this is wrapped around your neck and the back end is tucked in behind the front, where the buttons are.

What I did was take the length of poncho that I cut (making sure that I had enough to fold over to have the cable knit on both sides. Turned the project inside out and took embroidery thread to the edge (just making sure the piece wouldn't unravel) Once the edges were all secure (all but one - so you can turn it back right side out) I stitched the last edge and added two wood buttons. I didn't want to actually create button holes as I knew I would be taking this one on and off, over my head. No need for more work, right??

So, here is the finished project......for a big, massive, whopping cost of £0!!!!

I have had a massive amount of love recently on my blog. Thank you so very much for all of the great comments, and well, the pageviews really!! It makes my day to see that people have actually taken the time to read what I've written. Massive thank you.......

So, I would like to offer you a small gift. If you like this scarf, let me know. Leave me a comment and if you've got a blog of your own, please let me know so I can return the love. This time next week I will pick one comment at random, make a scarf like this one for you, and send it to you (wherEVER you may be) as a token of my blogappreciation....

Once again, thank you for the love.

Have an awesome weekend :-)

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Okay so its saturday night and I am sitting here writting a blog post....Long gone are the days of going to the club or to the bar on a Satuday night and well, truth be told, I am happy that those days are over. So here I am, doing what I want....sharing my creativity with you.

I am so very excited to share this project with you. This is the "piece de resistance" in my collection of craft work....this is the project of which I am the proudest.

This is my son Theo's 6th birthday present.

In all of my posts, I've been refering to my son as "Mr. Tooter" (which is the nickname that unfortunately for him has stuck since birth). However, I am sure that some of you are thinking "what kind of a whack job names their kid Tooter???" His name is really Theo...I'm not crazy ;-)

So, this is what I made for my little guy's 6th birthday. He loves Batman and fortunately for me, my husband is a hoarder and still had his old comic books. Rest assured that this was after checking to make sure that we weren't sitting on a "Batman First Issue" or anything......

The "present" started its life as a well used chair, found in a charity shop which I bought for £3. I liked the shape of it and the fact that the back wasn't fussy. I didn't want something that looked like a dining room chair, so the back had to be very simple. After cutting up about 4 comic books and placing the more iconic images up front and mod podging the project together, this is the finished project. The best part is that Daddy can share his comic collection all over again.

Love the Vintage look!

"Bad to the Bone"

Work In Progress pic..

 I finished the project off with about 5 coats of clear spray gloss to make sure that it stayed together and shiny.

My only wish was that I had gotten a photo of Theo's face when he saw it.

Have you made anything special for someone special? If so, let me know!! I'd love to hear from you!!! 


Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hi everyone, its been a long time since my last post! I've had the most amazing time with my little man and hubby over the Olympics. Its amazing how much pride London has at the moment. Closing Ceremony tonight....I will have my kleenex at the ready.

So, despite my absence from the Blog world, I have been working hard on tons of projects around my house and racking up ideas, left right and center, in hopes to share them all here with you.

As you have seen on the Tacky Dressing Table Revamp a few weeks ago, I was desperately searching for a dressing table for our soon-to-be redone Master Bedroom. *Sidenote*The term Master Bedroom has always made me laugh...there is nothing Master about this room at all....lol. With the one completed piece of furniture in there, this room screams CHANGE ME more than it did before. I will be putting up pics in a later post for those who want to feel much better about their bedrooms. I tell you now....its not pretty.

I was searching online for accessories ideas for the bedroom and I nearly died.....The price for basic home accessories now is absolutely SHOCKING, no?? In particular, this little baby stood out for me:

See the Subway art sign?? Cute huh? I thought so too and I thought it would look GREAT in my kitchen...until I saw the price. £80!! (for my American readers; $125). In one word: EXCESSIVE. This is a piece of MDF with printed words....thats it, thats all. There are a-million-and-one tutorials around on how to do this yourself. Here's mine. (I know I started out with looking for bedroom stuff but in true Helen fashion, I've gone off in another direction...)

First, you'll need:

  • A piece of MDF (any home improvement store will sell you a sheet (and cut it for you) for about £10
  • Tester pot of base colour paint - this will run you about £2
  • Carbon paper - £1 (for a pack of 20 sheets)
  • Paint brushes - large one and fine one for detail
  • Tester pot of letter colour paint - another £2

Start with chosing the size of the sign you'd like. I chose a long rectangular shape for mine.

Paint the base in whatever colour your heart desires.....I chose a grey colour.....

This was the colour

Next was the hardest part of the entire project.....Figuring out what text I wanted. I have seen alot of projects on Family Rules and I love how you can totally customize this to whatever suits your family. Check out these examples.

So, I chose a set of rules that suits my little family. Chosing the fonts you want is step 2 in this process. I measured the board across and chose fonts that would allow me to use the width well. You want to chose fonts that aren't too tricky and that keeps the look ledgible and clean. 

Print out the lines as you want the positioned. For instance, in the image above, print out the FAMILY RULES line first. Draw a light line on the board and place your paper (lined up) and grab your carbon paper. 

Then, you're going back in time to your school days! Trace.....trace around the lettering, making the imprint with the carbon paper on to the board.

I wasn't looking for a printed look to my letters. I love the handmade, not-so-perfect look to things. If you want something more clean and uniform, there are vinyl stencils that you can buy on Ebay that will give you the look you're after. 

I love "Dream Big"

I was wanting to put this piece in the kitchen. The colours are very neutral and a mix of greys / stones. So, I chose a light, off-white colour for the letters. 

This part is time consuming but I think the finished project will make it all worth it. I took my fine paint brush and painted the letters slowly, with the first coat. 

It is far from perfect, but that's the way I like it

A lot left to go...

I'm hoping that I get time to finish this, sometime this afternoon. I'm excited to have it up in the kitchen for everyone to see! I'll make sure that I keep you guys updated with the progress of this project and of course I'll take some pictures of the final piece, hung up in the kitchen. 

On a slightly different note, I have had loads of visitors on my Blog, and I am so very happy and grateful for you all. I appreciate that you've taken the time to see and read the things that I've posted, it means alot. 

Please please please, leave your comments and if you have a blog of your own, post your address so that I can check your stuff out too! Everyone needs some love and encouragement for putting their thoughts and ideas online for the world to see. 

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you decide to do!