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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post-Wedding Craft Idea - Wedding Gift

My hubs and I got married 8 years ago and (here comes the sap....) we are happier and happier every day.  Although, this is often true:

The one thing I can safely say, that the case with every newlywed couple I’ve ever known, is that you have this overwhelming amount of wedding cards to dispose of. Let’s face it, a week or so after the Big Day, what do you do with your wedding cards other than put them in the trash???

Well, how about making something really special with the cards and in the process, making a visual reminder (aside from the mountains of pics!) that will last for many Wedding Anniversaries to come! 

To start you’ll need: 

  • A TON of wedding cards (that you wouldn’t mind cutting up)
  • A shape in mind (for this instance, we used a heart shape)
  • Glue stick or hot glue gun
  • Frame (this one from Ikea is about £10)
  • Backing card

I was given 2 bags of Wedding cards from our friends and from the mix I was able to pull out quite a bit that had a nice contrasting colour scheme and more importantly, different textures and finishes. 

I cut out a template heart from regular card (actually I used the back of one of the thicker wedding cards) and cut out millions some hearts. I can’t remember exactly how many I cut, I just know that it took up about 3 nights to get finished! It would all depend on the size you would like the shape to be.
I started by laying the framework of the large heart shape on a piece of A4 (letter size) card. I made a large template heart from this card and placed the small heart shapes around the edge, forming the outline. Then, by layers, continued the pattern all the way around and into the middle. I suggest using the less interesting textures and colours for the less visible hearts and save these for the middle of the heart (or whatever shape you’re using).

I made sure to use cut outs of the cards with the words WEDDING, LOVE, SPECIAL DAY, COUPLE,etc for the centre. Most of the cards had these words either embossed or engraved (is that the right word?) in some sort of sheen or metallic colouring making it stand out on the collage.
In this instance, we used a silver backing card (at the bride’s request). This photo was just used to show what the silver backing would look like, the finished product didn't have the seam down the middle. I didn't get the chance to snap another pic, the happy couple took it off my hands quite quickly!! 

I think that the colours worked really well together {proud smiles}. See it on my pinterest here

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The next time you get invited to a wedding, give this a thought as an addition to the present. I’m sure that the happy couple will be thrilled with it!

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