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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I spend so much time looking up things in general on Pinterest and through different websites like Tip Junkie. I’ve noticed recently that Mr. Tooters is getting more involved in these searches. Whether or not he’s next to me now, I find myself looking for Tooter Approved crafts and projects that he would be interested in helping with. There is sooooooooo much to choose from but here is my Top 10 (of course these can be done with daughters but since I have a son, I thought I would designate my list to boy related / approved crafting)

1. MINI FIGURES!! Make your own.................

Buy one on Amazon for £5.99

The possibilities here are endless. This amazing tutorial is for soap (which I am going to do for Christmas btw) but I can think of so many things to do with this tray!! Chocolates, jelly, sweets......Imagine a little army of ice mini figs?? He’s gonna have a ball with this!! oooohhh I am so excited!! For £5.99, this will pay for itself in no time!!

1a. If you don’t want to splash out on a tray, why not have loads of fun making your own paper Lego mini figures?? Check out Handmade Charlotte 

You can use these for stencils too!!

2. Super Mario Bros – Perler / Hamma bead projects. I always thought of Hamma beads as a little “old school” cause I remember playing with them and lets just say, that wasn’t yesterday... But when I came across this beaut on Pinterest, I changed my mind.

This is pretty cool and there are tons of pixel Mario Bros images you can find on Pinterest for ideas. The mushroom one will be attempted for sure!!

3. Anything with balloons really?? – We always have a bag of balloons on hand in this house. There are tons of uses for them and always good for entertaining young minds. So when I spotted this tutorial, we had to add it to the list.

And while we’re on the subject of balloons, what about this cool idea? Ice cream bowls made out of chocolate??? Yes please!!

4. Your very own Batmobile! This is definitely a bigger than average project and needs a little more space to make and keep but who wouldn’t love their very own Batmobile? 

Check out the full tutorial here, it’s not as hard as it looks

5. Lego Batman heads – These are so cute and they passed the I wanna make that test, when he first saw them. Laura's Crafty Life has all the info on how to make 'em from baby food jars....

6. Story stones – We live near the water so finding stones on the beach is easy peasy and Tooter loves to collect them (you should see his dresser.....covered) and story-telling is something that the 3 of us love and are pretty good at. Although, sometimes we run out of ideas. With these, that won't be a problem! You can scale this back or make it alot more involved depending on the age of your kids. The bottom line is; The Rocks tell the Story, you fill in the blanks. We’re going to put all of the rocks in a bag and have Tooter reach in and grab them, one at a time. Watch their little minds at work while they form their own story.

7. CRAYON CRAFTS - We have done this and it’s amazing! Kids love how the wax melts and runs down the canvas. Tooter was racing colours against each other! Really cheap too; £0.96 each for a box of Crayola crayons (We used 2) and £1.99 for a big canvas from a bargains store. 

8. CUSTOM MADE T-SHIRTS -  I found this tutorial on transferring your child’s drawing on to a t-shirt using sandpaper! It’s an old technique (which bugs me that I’ve never heard about it!! – I would have loved this as a kid). Check it out, I bet you have everything you need on hand already! 

9. I SPY BOOK – this one is tops in my world! Tooter is constantly playing I SPY with us in the car but sometimes we just want some peace and quiet, you know??!? This would be perfect and can be changed up to make it last!! 

The tutorial is for more basics but Im sure you can scale it up or back depending on the age your child. I think this would make a great gift too! Ah, once again, thanks Pinterest!! 

AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE........last but not least.....number 10

This list has been compiled with non-tv related activities. I don't know about you but my kid loves watching TV! Instead of turning the television on and letting it do all of the work entertaining, why not relive some of your youth with them?!?!

10. CLASSIC CARTOONS – Don’t under estimate the power of the cartoons from our generation! While I was fishing around the web last week I saw something that reminded me of Darkwing Duck. When I looked into it, you can watch old cartoons on line at Netflix or Youtube even! We were able to watch full episodes of Darkwing Duck from the beginning and he LOVED them! It was great to just have some quality 1 on 1 snuggle time and share that great memory of watching cartoons from my childhood, with my little man.

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