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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I spend so much time looking up things in general on Pinterest and through different websites like Tip Junkie. I’ve noticed recently that Mr. Tooters is getting more involved in these searches. Whether or not he’s next to me now, I find myself looking for Tooter Approved crafts and projects that he would be interested in helping with. There is sooooooooo much to choose from but here is my Top 10 (of course these can be done with daughters but since I have a son, I thought I would designate my list to boy related / approved crafting)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


So, starting next Friday the 27th, it all kicks off!! No decent TV for a month!! Just kiding...Its great that the Olympics are around the corner and its really cool that they're being hosted so close. To celebrate this once-every-four-year-event, we thought that we would have an Olympics Week, filled with fun activities, learning about other cultures and countries and trying new foods!!

There are a few great websites that offer free printables for these activities that I will be linking in this post. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tacky Dresser / Dressing Table Revamp

I got this ugly 1960's style chest of drawers from a car boot sale for £12. Some would say I overpaid.....I, however, saw the inner beauty in this absolutely fugly piece.

before and after, revamp, tacky, modpodge, diy

before and after, revamp, tacky, modpodge, diy

Okay, are your eyes bleeding?? Its pretty horendous, isn't it? the faux marble effect is......well, awful is about the only word I can think of. Its got good lines though, and thats what I kept telling myself for the last 2 months while its been sitting in house waiting for its ugly duckling to swan moment.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


We aren’t going away anywhere hot this summer, we’ve already had our big holiday for the year back in April. (Ironically it was hotter in NY in April than it’s been here all summer to date!) Instead of trying to break the bank with jamming in another short break holiday, we decided it would be best to do a WHOLE BUNCH of little day trips around Northern Ireland to pass the summer.  Hubs and I sat down with Mr. Tooter and we compiled a list of tons of stuff to do (for little cash too!! )

There are loads of lists in cyberspace of things you can do over the summer break but 9 / 10 are based in the U.S and don’t really translate that well to the UK. I would love to break out the Slip N Slide here but its just not possible with the space/weather we now have....

Anyhow, in my search for activities I figured that it would be a good idea to list them all in one place with all the additional information you would want/ need when deciding if this was something you wanted to do.  I’ve lived here for 7 years now and there is a ridiculous amount of this country I haven’t seen yet.  Starting this summer, that’s gonna change!

So, here is our list, in all its glory...I’ve linked to websites for info on prices and location etc for those who would like to check it out too. Most of the people I’ve spoken to have said that they’d forgotten about these places here. Well I hope you get some inspiration from our ideas and have a great summer – maybe we’ll see you around?!?!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post-Wedding Craft Idea - Wedding Gift

My hubs and I got married 8 years ago and (here comes the sap....) we are happier and happier every day.  Although, this is often true:

The one thing I can safely say, that the case with every newlywed couple I’ve ever known, is that you have this overwhelming amount of wedding cards to dispose of. Let’s face it, a week or so after the Big Day, what do you do with your wedding cards other than put them in the trash???