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Monday, 25 June 2012

Super Mario Brothers Fire Flower / Ice Flower Pillow Project

Mr. Tooter is MARIO OBSESSED! We put him to bed at night and the entire time we hear all these little stories about what kind of moves Mario can do and what levels have secret bits and where you can find the Power Ups etc etc etc etc!! First thing in the morning, he will revisit the night before's convo and go back over the points he covered that night.....Lets just say, we know ALOT about Super Mario Brothers. That little italian plumber has come a long way from the 90's when I first met him! Remember this old fav?!?!

Anyhow, Mr. Tooter is always asking if there are any Mario crafts that I can make for him....Normally this means something extravagant like this beaut he asked me to make one night after work:

 The Instructables site is absolutely amazing for anything really but superb for Mario related projects. However, my level of capability (At the moment) wouldn't allow me to take on this bad boy!! 

So, one night after he went to bed, I started looking for things that I could do with him that were Mario related (in order to keep his attention / interest). Pinterest  is always fabulous for ideas and I found this little number there:

Mr. Tooter is always telling us about the Fire Flower and the Ice Flower and all of the different "suits" that you can get / use in the game so I thought this would be a good place to start. We took the basic shapes from the flower and made a template from paper. (Unfortunately I didn't forward plan this blog post and have pics of each step - lesson learned for next time) We cut the basic background shape out and then all of the separates (petals, stem, 3 different layers of the flower, etc). The eyes were stitched using plain black thread. I used a basic stitch in a coordinating thread colour to tie it all in and VOILA! 

fire flower, super mario, mario brothers crafts

 I used a cheap pillow I picked up from Ikea for £0.59 and the felt was about £1.00 for all of the colours all together....Pretty good for a Saturday afternoon Momma and Tooter project!

Then, after he had gone to bed that night, I had decided that I would surprise him with an addition! 

ice flower, super mario, mario brothers crafts

This Ice Flower is the reverse side of the Fire Flower. I used the same template and just changed the colours to blue. It just goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to make cool stuff for your kids OR to entertain them....this was less that £2.00!

You should have seen his face in the morning...........he has no idea how happy he makes me 


  1. LOL!!! I would have never pictured these Mario flowers on a pillow... BUT: it's just SUPER ADORABLE!!! Love the simple design....
    I bet your Mr. Tooter loves that you thought of him while creating....


  2. Thanks for the comment Crystelle! He loved it and has asked for a whole collection of other characters since lol! Its so simple, seriously.....anyone can tackle this one!!

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