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Monday, 11 June 2012

Launch Day - Tooth Officer Pillow

Hi there. This is my first ever blog....I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m not sure if anyone will read this and if they do, what their impression will be....but this has been a determination of mine for a few years now and I have to get on the horse soon, you know?
I wanted to start with writing about a little special someone in my life (not my hubby, but close) My 6 year old son, Mr. Tooter. We have recently had to discuss the presence of the “Tooth Fairy” as he’d lost his first tooth. Although, the prospect of such a girly creature coming to visit (even though she was bringing money ) wasn’t all that appealing.
As I’m sure all you parents out there can attest to, the idea of letting your child place a tooth under his / her pillow in order for the “Tooth Fairy” to have to retrieve it during the middle of the DARK night is not the greatest idea ever thought of, therefore my search for a tooth pillow began. You know the type, that wonderful idea created so that “Tooth Fairies” the world over could easily identify and retrieve their desired tooth targets. Mission Accomplished.
I love Pinterest......actually, truth be told, I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I can seriously spend hours just browsing through all the new pins without a care in the world. Unfortunately for me, I have to work full time and this SEVERELY cuts into my obsession. On this particular instance I had found myself on Pinterest looking for a “cute” but “less girly” alternative. This is the fantasticness that I had found on the mmmcrafts blog.

Larissa’s tute for this gorgeous pillow was perfect....and the different characters are so cute! (Tooth Marshall, Frankentooth etc) I highly recommend checking out her site. I’m pretty sure that I’ve linked this post to her site properly?? Please forgive me if its not......still learning here.
So, fast forward to my attempt at Larissa’s Tooth Officer perfection...
tooth officer pillow, tooth fairy pillow, tooth pillow
I liked the idea of having “the officer” on a pillow base, rather than just a free standing character. Nevermind the fact that I have what can only be described as a mountain of fleece, perfect for these situations ;-) I know my stitching leaves alot to be desired and the shapes are a bit “wonky” but nevertheless, I love what I’ve created and best of all Mr. Tooter thought that I was the best Mommy in the World.....which is all I was after.
Since its debut, The Tooth Officer has been brought out on 2 occassions and Mr. Tooter’s piggy bank is much healthier for it!


  1. The pillow is a great idea, I'm dying to make one! I can't wait until my monsters teeth start dropping out though I feel I may have a wait as they have barely just got their teeth!


  2. Oh Kerri, next thing you know they'll be losing them! It goes so quickly!