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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Alphabet Photography / Kids Scavender Hunt

I've read alot recently about Alphabet Photography and I've gotta say, it's really cool! I love that the letters are found anywhere and everywhere and easily spotted if you start looking for them! This Alphabet Photography site in particular really showcases the photography well and I like the "show my word" function. It can give you a lot of ideas to where the letters can be found. 

My first thought when I saw it was "wow, I've gotta do this" followed closely by "yeah, but when am I ever gonna have the time??". It's true, since Mr. Tooter was born, free time seems like a distant memory. Weekends are taken up with grocery shopping, house cleaning and keeping the little man amused without being seated in front of the TV from Friday to Sunday night. However, this was too cool an idea / project to pass up.

Recently we took Mr. Tooter on a scavenger hunt. Basically, I wrote down items in his doodle book side note: I highly recommend getting a doodle book for kids of any age - they are fantastic for supporting budding "authors" and "artists".

Anyhow, I wrote things like:

  1. Fallen tree
  2. Y shaped twig
  3. Smooth or shiny rock 
Scavenger Hunt List, kids scavender hunt,

There were 10 items in total on the list. We asked Mr. Tooter to take a photo of each item as he found them during our walk through Scrabo Forest Park (there are so many beautiful nature / forest parks in Northern Ireland - if you live here and haven't checked them out, you really should!!)

My son sometimes has the attention span of a hummingbird so I was slightly weary that he could potentially lose interest in this idea quite quickly. I couldn't have been more wrong.....he was running through the forest, looking all around for the items on his list, finding one thing after another. Each time he would find something, he would ask for my phone to take a picture. He was really getting into it! He would find the right angle that he wanted for the picture, focus in and take the shot. It was amazing!! So great to see his enthusiasm and his excitement everytime he found another item. I was a proud momma!! We even included "Rubbish" as one of the items. This gave us the opportunity to talk about how important it is to clear up after ourselves and not litter. We even used the expression:

"Take only photographs and leave only footprints"

I can't begin to describe how wonderful the day was and we love that there is a full album of photos and memories to show for it. 

Off the back of such a great scavenger hunt experience and also seeing potential for our little "budding photographer" we are now going to give the Alphabet Hunt a try! 

Personally, I don't think that there is a specific place for this type of project. For a 6 year old, imagination is key for this one. Take them anyhwere and with the prompt of "look for letters" I'm sure there will be no problems finding all 26. If there are difficulties, I'm looking forward to watching his amazing little brain try to figure it out. 


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